18 Oct
The latest entry into the suddenly crowding luxury EV segment

Cadillac  has decided to take its quite stunning Converj concept from 2009 (which we covered way back when) and move it into production, a very big announcement from GM’s luxury division. Another smart power play from Caddy, who really seem to be hitting on all cylinders at the moment — from the knockout punch of their CTS-V (which we drove in the Gumball Rally), to the new ATS to now entering the Extended Range/EV market. Based on the powertrain of its lower segment Chevy VOLT, the ELR will primarily use an all-electric T-shaped lithium-ion battery drive with zero emission, however it tempers range anxiety by augmenting the EV engine with a petrol-fueled four-cylinder generator that kicks in seamlessly when the battery power dies. It’s a similar move to what Infiniti is doing with the Volt’s main nemesis, the all-electric Nissan LEAF. As we’ve previously covered at the New York Auto Show, Infiniti is taking its lower segment Nissan LEAF and repackaging it from the ground up as a true luxury vehicle, the LE Concept, and moving it into production in the next couple years. The big question is: who will hit showrooms first? Clearly, the race to be the first mass-produced luxury zero emission car will have a big advantage in the market — although Tesla’s Model S certainly warrants some respect, as it’s currently hitting showrooms as we speak. Let the green EV revolution continue…

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