17 Oct
Same Shit Different Day for Fall/Winter 201

COOP‘s artwork is tough to beat, a rockabilly influenced collage of voluptuous devil women, tire-churning hot rods and plenty of bad thrills. We covered the COOP Exhibit when it hit Culver City back in 2009 and have paid close attention since. Now the Los Angeles artist otherwise known as Chris Cooper has teamed up with fellow Angelinos FUCT for a capsule collection via their SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) label for Fall/Winter 2012. The collection consists of 3 different embroidered mechanics zip-up jackets, a cushion, a sturdy autumn jacket and best of all a cut-and-sew pea coat finished off with COOP-illustrated lining. Keep your eye out, the capsule collection is scheduled for release at the end of this month.

A look at the must-have COOP vs FUCT SSD autumn jacket after the Jump…