31 Oct
Vintage American uniform-inspired jackets, bags & accessories

Los Angeles designer DRx Romanelli excels at appropriating vintage fashions and imbuing them with a modern, and ultimately very bold, flair. Whether it’s his The Americans Ralph Lauren Polo Collection with TI$A, Another Summit Cochiwan Sweater Collection For Barney’s Japan or his Re-Assembled Vintage Jackets with Anachronorm, the good doctor is hardly afraid of making an echoing statement. He picks up where he left off on the Detonation Collection‘s military tip with his upcoming Army vs Navy collection with standout Japanese label Head Porter. The collection consists of six vintage American Army and Navy-inspired jackets and a series of Head Porter-sanctioned bags and accessories, all featuring Romanelli’s unique, yet ultimately bold, vision. The collection will hit Head Porter’s Tokyo pop up store exclusively next month on November 27. Expect a terrific bargain, no doubt.

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