2 Oct
Your chance of tasting a moth caterpillar just got much better

Ever had the inclination to try and keep squirmy insects in your stomach without vomiting, like a rabid contestant on Fear Factor, but don’t want to be labeled as a Z-lister for the rest of your life? Well then your wildest dreams have come true. If your taste buds favor something on the savory side, and you can’t get your kicks at places like FoxyBingo, then something like the South African delicacy of Mopane Worms may be for you — the dried, salted and ready-to-eat morsels retail for $19. They are perfect for pulling a prank on a friend by tossing them in a salad, trying to win your girlfriend back, or for simply fulfilling your curiosity as to what a creepy protein-rich superfood would taste like. Yes, superfood. In case you didn’t know, pound for pound, these Mopane worms have about three times the amount of protein as beef, so get to popping them already Ferrigno…

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