12 Oct
Italian automaker returns after a half-century of silence

Defunct for over a half century, Italian coachbuilder Ermini Automobili Italia returns with a tiny, ridiculously lightweight roadster with only the joy of driving on its mind. The 686 Seiottosei is called so because it weighs in at a feather-light 686 kgs (1,512 lbs) — about the mass of the Bentley GT’s hood. This levity is accomplished by the use of a steel spaceframe chassis finished with a carbon fiber passenger compartment and body panels. The idea of the 686 Seiottosei Roadster is to revive the “Barchette Sport” concept, a long since buried segment of sports cars that favored agility, lightness and pep over the sheer horsepower and torque of larger performance cars. Think tiny rockets like the Mastretta MXT, PG Elektrus or Lotus Elise. To supply the power, Ermini have sourced a twin-turbo Renault 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine that generates a respectable 295 horsepower — which when paired to the 686 Seiottosei’s weight means a potent power-to-mass ratio. How potent? Enough to supply the stylish Italian scamp with a 0-62 km time in 3.4 seconds, with a top speed of 167 mph (270 km/h). Ermini claims that it will begin delivering its 686 Seiottosei Roadster to clients by next year.

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