You may not know this kids, but there was a time when Metallica was actually a good band. What am I saying, they were an amazing band — as in, life transforming. No seriously, for real. This may be difficult for you to believe, especially anyone younger than 30 who only knows Metallica as those Oakley-wearing dickbags that sued Napster (Google it, youngins) — you know, aging footlickers who spew contemporary adult rock only a shade less noxious than Nickelback. There was a time when the band was peerless, a time known to old school metalheads as the “Pre-Black Album” Metallica — although personally I felt the slip coming from In Justice For All. Anywho the point I’m getting at is that Vans remembers this real Metallica, and in honor of one of their best albums have released a Kill ‘Em All edition of their classic Half Cab, Steve Caballero’s signature model. The sneaker collab was created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Caballero’s iconic sneaker, the most popular skate shoe of all-time. The Half Cab Pros are constructed of heavy duty canvas and suede and feature exclusive Vans x Metallica x Steve Caballero labeling, as well as lyrics from the track “Motorbreath” etched on its sides: “Those people who tell you not to take chances” /  “They are all missing on what life’s all about”. The skate shoes are rounded out with a clear rubber sole that lets the amazing Kill ’Em All album artwork show through. Pick up the special edition shoes for $85.

More looks at the Metallica x Vans Half-Cab “20th Anniversary” Skate Shoe after the Jump…

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