Am I the only person out there who gets kind of annoyed by Lana Del Rey? She reminds of that girl at the party who’s definitely hot, but is not nearly as hot as she thinks she is. Her doe-eyed ingenue/sex kitten pouting and calculated smoldering looks feel like a perfume commercial stuck on pause. We get it, you’re hot. Just sing already. I do like her music tho, not gonna lie about that. “Ride” is the first single (and 10-minute video) off the re-release of her debut, this time re-titled Born to Die: Paradise Edition. The re-packaged album includes several new tracks, and will hit stores and iTunes on November 13. Click play below if you want to watch Lana ride around on a motorcycle, hang out with dudes ten pay grades below her level and get banged out on a pinball machine, The Accused-style… only with more duck-lipped pouting…

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