24 Oct
Multi-faceted edge gives more cutting angles than standard knives

Most knifes are made for just cutting, but very few are designed for cutting attackers up like ninja making cole slaw. The Manticuda Knife’s pistol grip allows for a secure hold and added power, and its multi-grip handle allows for you to handle it as a Saber-grip, Hammer-grip, Handle down, Handle up, Guard pinch etc. In conjunction with the knife’s multi-faceted edge, the blade’s wide design gives it the ability to produce large wounds from a variety of cutting angles — point being you can really fuck some one up with this puppy. The cutout of the blade reduces the tool’s weight and can also serve various utility functions like nail pulling, bottle opening, and other prying tasks (but in the most bad ass way possible). Sure, this thing’s got a lot of power and potential to destroy, but the included nylon sheath keeps things safely tucked away when not in use. A Kydex sheath will soon be available which will allow for a multi-orientation position capability (Tip up, Tip down, 45 degrees up, 45 degrees down, Tip lateral, Left hand, Right hand). For the price of $245, you got yourself a more than adequate substitute for your girlfriend’s pepper spray, and/or the ultimate showstopper for when the Bud Lights bottle come out at your Superbowl Party. Actually, if you’re bringing Bud Light we just might use this on you.

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