19 Oct
French street artist lays his work in the Arizona desert

The first time we stumbled across ROA’s pieces in downtown Los Angeles we were floored. In the over-crowded world of street art he still stands apart with a singular technique — both highly detailed and yet very personally stylized. Now ROA’s the latest artist to contribute to The Boneyard Project, drawing two giant birds on the massive hulls of decommissioned planes at the famous airfields of the Pima Air & Space museum, just outside of Tucson, AZ. We’ve actually been there, the place is mindblowing — acres and acres of defunct plane corpses rotting in the desert sun. Both holy and a little spooky, it is the perfect location for ROA’s large-scale art. Peep the video below to get a feel for what makes the French artist tick…

NIGHT FLIGHT from Jason Wawro on Vimeo.


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