29 Oct
Now the iPhone can save your life... sort of

Spraytect brings you the latest in self-defense technology to protect you and your iPhone from harm. This “groundbreaking” personal protection device comes in turquoise, white, black and of course pink, and is a proprietary blend of peppers, using one of the hottest habaneros as its main ingredient. It is the same blend used by Homeland Security and The US Military, FBI offices, and Police Departments and Correction Offices across the U.S. It really sucks that so many fathers are going to fool themselves into thinking they’re saving their daughter’s life when really, they’re  just giving them a mechanism to accidentally mace themselves… or their other unknowing rich bimbo girlfriends with an incredibly potent pepper solution. Honestly, she might be better off with a Manticuda Knife. The case claims to have multiple safety mechanisms so that it only fires when you are “ready.” Which means your mugger is hopefully respectful enough to wait while you enter your password and engage the safety apparatuses. The other problem is, other than when getting ready to mace someone, isn’t the only other time you’re holding a phone inches away from someone’s face when you’re trying to take their photo? And how many of your Facebook or Instagram photos are uploaded through the iPhone? Oh yeah, pretty much all of them. Isn’t it convenient then that the nozzle is placed directly 1cm below the lens? Doesn’t seem like anything could go wrong there. But I guess its OK because the phone has an incredible added bonus: the spray holder can also act as a “Kick Stand” to keep your phone upright. Yup, if you’re not sold on the protection bit you can totally spend $40 dollars on this case just so you can conveniently watch movies on your iPhone while it sits on your desk. The Spraytect Mobile Protection device if now available online for the iPhone 4 and 4s, convenient timing given that the iPhone 5 has been out for about a month now.

Hit the Jump for a peek at how the Spraytect Smartphone case will turn your daughter or girlfriend into the strong and confident woman they truly are…

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