1 Oct
The Anti-Graffiti Pen for Graffiti-ing mischief

The Grime Writer allows you to clean up and defile streets at the same time. Sure it might sound contradictory in a logical sense but that doesn’t make it impossible. Just fill this oversized felt-tip marker with soapy water instead of ink, and you’ve got yourself a crime-less mechanism for disrupting the peace and cleaning it up at the same time. We’d like to see what MTO could do to the public spaces of Rennes, France with this creative little gadget. Take the Grime Writer out downtown and see what artistic “mischief” you can get yourself into. And if the cops try and give you crap, well you can tell them to suck it cause you’re basically doing the community service you would get for tagging anyways. The Grime Writer retails for approximately $12 (£7.50).

A look at the packaging of the The Grime Writer after the Jump…