4 Oct
Luxury Swiss watchmaker's highly exclusive loaner wristwatch

The reason you can never own Hublot‘s ultra exclusive Atelier Watch is, quite simply, because it was never meant to be owned. The luxury Swiss watchmaker created the coveted wristwatch to lend to customer’s who have sent in their wares to be repaired — a noble gift by Hublot to keep their well-heeled customer’s wrists pr0perly decorated. The Atelier Watch is a minimal quartz-powered beauty constructed of Hublot’s trademark composite material with a rubber strap — and reminds you of its exclusivity with the brash “NOT FOR SALE” etched proudly on its face. Naturally, there’s no price for the Atelier Watch, you’ll just have to buy another Hublot, break it, and send it in for repair.

A large high detail look at the exclusive Hublot Atelier Watch after the Jump…


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