24 Oct
Unbridled id & unbounded brawn limited to only 500 pieces

If you have an infant, or even seen one in close proximity, then you can imagine where the inspiration struck for Ron English’s famous Tantrum Tot character. Having graced many a painting of the tenured street artist — and knowing his penchant to incorporate his family and personal life into his art —  it’s clear that the Hulk-imbued manchild strikes very, very close to home. Well now Tantrum Tot is being manifested into vinyl toy format, all 8″ of a “combustible amalgamation of unbridled id and unbounded brawn”, to put it in English’s terms. The sculpture will be limited to only 500 pieces and will hit shelves beginning in 2013. However if you’re too spoiled like Tantrum Tot and don’t want to blow a pre-pubescent gasket waiting for one, you could always  pre-order it now for $70.

A full shot of the Ron English’s “Tantrum Tot” Vinyl Toy below…

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