The Punisher is, without a doubt, one of the most undervalued characters in the Marvel Comics catalogue. Frankly he should be bigger than Spiderman (in whose comic, incidentally, he debuted… as a villain), yet due to two shit movie attempts at capturing the story of Frank Castle he languishes in the zeitgest somewhere between Ghost Rider and Green Lantern. Which is to say pretty low. By the way, when I say two shit movie attempts I refer to the early Dolph Lundgren-lead Punisher as well as the Tom Jane Punisher. Punisher War Zone, starring the always awesome Ray Stevenson, almost hit the mark. Now that shit was violent. Anywho, I digress. The Hundreds got ahold of the the license and teamed up with renowned artist/rabblerouser/public nuisance/drummer/Facebook millionaire David Choe for a line of tshirts featuring he of the skulled body armor. Of the 10 tshirts in the series, half of are Choe’s drawings and watercolors inspired by the ruthless vigilante and the other half are taken directly from The Punisher comic itself — most notably the Mike Zeck covers for the limited series that launched Frank Castle from a tertiary Marvel villain into one of its most beloved heroes. Aren’t you lucky that the collection goes on sale today, over at The Hundreds?

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