3 Oct
The first official video from Toronto crooner Abel Tesfaye

While walking the streets of Seoul and Tokyo these past 2 weeks, a certain melancholia can overtake you while traveling alone. Sure there’s always a thrill and effervescence of spirit when exploring new lands, but there’s also a pervasive, penetrating loneliness that really affects every sense, an isolation from being so far from home and one’s friends. Is it a bit depressing? Yes. Enough that you wish you weren’t walking these new streets? No, but it is there. It’s at times like this that The Weeknd makes the perfect soundtrack to your explorations — dark, tragic, beautifully layered and just enough erotic touch to lend your experience a romantic sheen. Listening to the voice of Abel Tesfaye as you walk along the shady streets of Roppongi or the neon cavalcade of Shibuya will make the experience that much more vivid. So it’s nice to arrive back in Los Angeles yesterday and wake up this morning to the first official video from The Weeknd, “Rolling Stone”, off his Thursday mixtape (arguably the best of the 3 mixtapes he released for free last year). The video sets the stage for his first major label record, Trilogy, which is set for a November 13th release (official cover above just unveiled). Watch the “Rolling Stone” video below, and pre-order the album here today.

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