18 Oct
Happily repping the opposite ends of the artistic spectrum

At total opposite ends of the artistic spectrum in just about every way — visually, sonically, comically and in layers of subtlety — two of our favorite artists premiered videos this week: The Weeknd and Die Antwoord. Of course The Weeknd’s clip is a noir, brooding black and white video that matches the dark erotic tones of his track “Wicked Games”, highlighted by a murdered out G-Wagon and comely dancing semi-naked model, while Die Antwoord pretty much shoots to the opposite terminal point of humor and good taste with their video for “Fatty Boom Boom”. The clip follows Lady Gaga getting ambushed in South Africa and, well, I guess “experiencing” the culture. Hard to imagine loving both of these artists so much when they couldn’t be any more different… but that’s the New Digital World, I guess…

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