4 Oct
Transformers Cap Bots in Autobot & Decepticon models

While the highly CGI’ed and hyper-detailed Transformers from the Michael Bay franchise movies may be the mainstream, it is the old school blocky robots that really tickle our nostalgic reveries. Which is why we were excited about The Loyal Subjects’ Transformers Generation 1 T-Shirt Collection. It seems TLS aren’t the only kids fiending for their early gen Transformer toys of yore, however. Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy has teamed up with venerable American milliner New Era on a set of their ubiquitous 59FIFTY baseball hats that transform into robots, known aptly as Transformers Cap Bots, naturally. Both a red Autobot and a black Decepticon model will be released on December 15 so you can battle on your desktop, I mean buy for your nephew, just in time for the Christmas season…

via HighSnob

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