Despite the armies of lackluster taggers and copycat wheatpasters, some artistic misfits put a lot of vision and meaning into their work. You know a street artist(s) paints an accurate portrayal of society when they create a magazine featuring the double-donked Kim K in such a state of narcissism that she eats her own face. Or has Sarah Palin pulling a Republic gangbang. Now that shit is hot. The artists I’m talking about are the honorary members of  TrustoCorps, one of the more innovative culprits in the world of street art (check out their fake street signs if you haven’t seen them yet). For the month of October, The Outsiders Exhibit in Newcastle will be featuring the artwork of this collective of artists “aged from 15 to 50” whose provocative work has already made national primetime TV news in America. Absurd behavior, unchecked greed, rampant consumerism and hypocrisy are a couple ways to describe society at the moment, and the collective never backs down from making fun of it all. And we love them all the more for it. In case you don’t feel like flying all the way to the land of bangers and mash, check out the gallery below to see some of their work that is featured in their gallery.


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