12 Oct
The most cogent 4-minute argument you'll need to hear this week

I get in discussions all the time with my friends — both liberal and conservative — about the positives and negatives of Mr. Barack Obama. Most see him as just a slightly less evil version of Mitt Romney; they point out all the things he failed to accomplish, and list a litany of alleged shortcomings. And in some points they’re right. Has Obama been perfect? Hardly. My biggest complaint would be the whole allowing US citizens to be indefinitely detained without charge. No joke, that is some crazy ass shit. But taken as a whole, Obama has done an admirable job correcting the trajectory of this country, saving the auto industry, protecting the environment, improving student loans, initiating healthcare reform (it’s not done yet, people) and various other achievements — including saving my mom’s house (true story). And Romney is such a corporate shitstain, there just are no words. If you’re not aware of how much he wants to gut public services, Medicaid, PBS, safety nets, etc. then you’re just not paying attention. How people who stand to lose so much can support someone who disdains them so thoroughly is something I’ll never quite understand, although it probably has a lot to do with massive, widespread disinformation from the likes of FauxNews, Limbaugh and Hannity. (I got in an argument last weekend with a girl who literally believed that Obama was pushing for legislation to allow killing a baby up to 9 months after it was born. Some sort of super-post-utero abortion. Another true story.) Has everyone already forgotten that Romney openly disdains 47% of Americans “who don’t pay income taxes”, even though he only pays 14%? 14%! How is it that more people aren’t irate that a multi-millionaire pays a third of the tax rate that they do? And then complains about those who pay even less? That’s takes balls, I’ll give it to good old Mitt. Anywho, if you have any question as to who to vote for— or worse, if you’ll vote at all — in this oh-so-important upcoming election, then I propose you sit down and listen to Samuel L Jackson’s cogent message below. Shit is real. And honest. And frankly pretty much says it all…

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