25 Oct
Phaidon produces the Foodie's holy gastronomic bible

Want a more efficient way of choosing a good restaurant than hitting up Yelp and sifting through pages of random assholes bitching about poor dining experience, or perverts talking about a waitress’s “nicely roasted” ass? Well amateur gastronome, your solution is here. Anyone who really appreciates a pleasant dining experience knows that it’s about time we get a digest of eatery knowledge from the people who know food best. In the paramount restaurant guide Where Chefs Eat, over 400 of the world’s best chefs have recommended a minimum of three restaurants each, compiling a total list of over 2,300 recommendations from foodie spots around the world. Whether it’s the best breakfast places in your hood, greasy spoons to eat at late night, sushi bars, joints to hit locally on a night off or cheap-skate havens, the hottest food talent reveal to Phaidon the most excellent places to grub on, based solely on the food alone. Where Chefs Eat also includes  entertaining reviews, clear maps for reference and an easy-to-use geographical system of organization. The book retails for $20 and is available online for pre-order, but if you’re one of those overly dependent on smart-phone technology it is also available as an app for iPad or iPhone. Time to get your grub on…

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