9 Oct
Only 1,000 luxury pairs via Horween Leather Company

Wolverine is best known for their indestructible work boots, footwear built for true rugged durability and functionality. However the American brand still knows how to get stylish, as their latest offering — the luxurious 744 LTD boot — can attest. Crafted of rich shell cordovan No. 449 leather supplied by the highly respected Horween Leather Company, the 744 LTD boot is part of Wolverine’s higher end 1000 Mile collection, which are shoes inspired by original designs from the 125 year old company. Adding to the exclusivity of the shoe is the fact that only 1,000 pairs of the special edition boot will be made, assuring that if collect a pair you will rarely run into someone with the same footwear. Get more information on the Wolverine “Shell Cordovan Leather” Special Edition 744LTD Boots over at Wolverine1000Mile.com.

via Hypebeast

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