Combining two of the most powerful cultural tsunamis of the moment, zombies and Kim Kardashian, the great TrustoCorp crew create their latest cover of Out Of Touch magazine with an image of the undead bubble-bottomed socialite/sex tape phenom/cultural black whole eating herself alive (undead). Why not. I mean, who would be shocked by the shamelessly self-promoting porn reality star cannibalizing herself if the opportunity ever arose. And let’s not forget about her supernova narcissus counterpart Kanye West, who apparently has married himself. Don’t say you didn’t see that apotheosis of self love happening, either (extra props for the Robot Romney crushing a baby he mistook for an employee). The last time the brilliant TrustoCorp struck, it was with their Sarah Palin Sex Tape Nightmare! covers, previously for God Help Us and Shallow People magazines they mischievously tucked into newstand racks across Los Angeles. Well the street art crew has struck again in LA, replacing bus station bench ads with their own highly creative images — including those that support Gay Rights (“God Hates People Who Hate People”) and gun control (“Guns Don’t Make Laws, People Do”). This was right before the collective headed to Newcastle, UK for the opening of their latest exhibit The International Bank of TrustoCorp at the Lazarides Gallery, which runs from today through November 10th. If you’re in northern England, head to 77 Quayside, Newcastle for tonight’s festivities — you won’t regret you did.

More of TrustoCorp’s clever bench ad re-imaginings below…

via Vandalog

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