8 Nov
Only 36 of the 160 HP/160 lb-ft torque streetfighter to be built

Late last year Confederate introduced their C3 X132 Hellcat Motorcycle — the lightest, fastest and cheapest streetbike Confederate has ever built. This August the Birmingham, Alabama builders headed to the Bonneville Salt Flats to test out their latest creation: a 132 cubic inch, 4.4L V-Twin infused Hellcat hellbent on securing a land speed record. And what do you know? The 160 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque streetfighter averaged 172.211 miles per hour, securing its place in history as the fastest unfaired American big block V-Twin motorcycle ever. Now Confederate is making a very small run — only 36 bikes — of the X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle and willing be selling them off for $72,000 each. If you’re at all in the market for street terrorizing V-Twin that’ll turn heads more than most supercars, give Confederate a holler.

A video of the Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat in action at the Bonneville Salt Flats below…

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