15 Nov
Stiff's quality smoke with a New Age industrialized design

Imagine an industrialized pipe with the same classic taste, quality and detail found in the handmade wooden pipes so timelessly befit the grandfathers of generations yore. Then add a hispter’s love of color to a minimalist modern design. In comes Stiff employing Dieter Rams’ famed “less but better” perspective of design — the pipe even has an improved upon draft for a smoother smoke. Coated in polished thermo plastic with a briar wood tobacco chamber, the smoking tool is the world’s first all plastic pipe. As industrial experts in love with plastic, the Swedish company has an appreciation for handmade craftsmanship. They combined the smooth, rich smoke from your grandfather’s pipe, slightly softened the taste, and added a splash of color. A revolutionary pipe that retails for approximately $800.

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