6 Nov
Aerospace grade aluminum gadget provides 30 hours of charge

Portable solar chargers are a key gadget for anyone’s briefcase. Whether the victim of a Hurricane Sandy/Zombie Apocalypse type event, or just stuck without electricity in a remote locale, solar chargers supply your phone and mp3 player with needed juice when desperation strikes. And while there are many options to choose from, few will look as clean and stylish in your laptop bag as Dunhill’s luxury version. Crafted of lightweight and durable aerospace grade aluminium, Dunhill’s solar charger provides up to 30 hours of charge time, and can be recharged via built-in solar panels or computer USB cable. But what makes it a Dunhill is you can slip the gadget into its carbon fiber-inspired Chassis leather carry case and avoid looking like a natural disaster victim. Pick it up for $195.

via Freshness

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