9 Nov
A set of luxury accessories for the classic Italian marque

Out of their passion for classic automobiles, Ferraris in particular, GTO Engineering has handcrafted a set of leather wallets and sterling silver cufflinks inspired by the iconic, powerful and enticing classic automobiles of yesteryear. Characterized as the Ferrari enthusiast’s most precious accessories, this line of luxury cufflinks and wallets embody the elegant components and interiors of these classic automobiles. Specifically, the handcrafted wallets are inspired by the Dino and Ferrari 250 with supple stitching and genuine Italian leather from GTO’s duly restored Ferraris. And with unrestricted access to molds, fabric and metals, GTO London’s collection of cufflinks materialize iconic components (like the Accensione ignition featured above) from classic models of the past. The GTO London Ferrari wallets start at approximately $423 (£265), while the sterling silver cufflinks start at about $392 (£245). Both are now available online.

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