21 Nov
Eat, drink, nap & have gratitude aplenty

We at LIAS just want to take a moment to thank the cosmos for all the riches it has bestowed upon us. In America, we take a day out this week to give thanks, a tribute that is arguably our greatest holiday. Sure the rest of the world may not celebrate exactly the same way on the same day, but I’m pretty sure most people on this planet are thankful for their blessings, whatever they may be. We’re going to give personal thanks by drinking a tub full of Fat Tire Amber Ale, eating a marathon runner’s mountain of calories, ranting drunkenly at an unsuspecting relative and watching the New England Patriots destroy the New York Jets. It’s the American way. We’d also like to send a profound thanks to all our regular readers, we literally couldn’t do it without you and your continued support. So no matter where you are on this planet, cheers to you and we’ll see you Monday, most likely well rested and hungover. Till then…

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