27 Nov
Small displacement odes to two-wheelers of the early 1900s

In the halcyon years of the fin de sicle, motorcycles were evolving from rough hewn bicycles with ad hoc clip-on engines attached to full on finished vehicles with a completed concept and big picture aesthetic. By the 1920s, bikes like Matchless, Motosacoche, Brough Superior, Clement, Royal, Monarch, Pope, Minerva, Reading-Standard, Thor etc had launched and created a new aesthetic on the market place, one still highly coveted by collectors today. Now a duo from Goshen, Indiana have decided to resurrect that aesthetic with a small displacement motorcycle that shares many of the cues of that era. Devin Biek and Richard Worsham’s Janus Motorcycle are hand built beauties outfitted with sprung leather saddle seats and panniers, wide handlebars and long polished aluminum fuel tanks. The Halcyon 50, as they’re dubbed, are powered by a water-cooled 50cc two stroke engine mated to a six speed transmission. While the forks are Italian and the engine Spanish, its steel tube frame is fabricated in America by the Amish. Finished off with 18 inch wheels, the Halcyon 50 promises a top speed of 55mph, with an efficiency of 60 mpg. Get the Halcyon 50 for $5,300, or the more basic model for $3,900.

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