20 Nov
Only 50 shirts from the notorious street artist/vandal

Street artist and professional vandal Kidadult has quickly made a name for himself in the worldwide graffiti community by causing massive havoc to top tier luxury brands — mainly by spraying his tag in giant letters over the storefronts of brands like Louis Vitton, Hermès, Kenzo and recently the Maison Martin Margiela flagship store in Brussels. Most famously he tagged the Marc Jacobs store in Soho, and to redeem the damage Jacobs sold tshirts with Kidadult’s “art” emblazoned on the front — for almost $700 each. The French artist does his tagging as a statement against the inherent inequality of opulence, or so he claims. Now in theory those type of shenanigans are right up our alley, so he’s definitely given us a smile more than a couple times. The real question comes in his sincere intent —is he doing it to make a name for himself, or because he truly believes in the cause? The latest output from his Propaganda shop is this “Misery” tshirt above, which boldly states “Your Luxury Is Our Misery”, printed in both black and white with a Chanel-like chain across the collar. Our question is: what does he do with the money? Do the proceeds go anywhere other than his wallet? It would seem highly disingenuous and contradictory to his message if the funds simply lined his pocket, but unless he’s more transparent about his cause there’s little way to know. If you’re interested in getting one of his “Misery” tshirts, you’re going to have to act quick: the shirts go on sale today at the Kidadult site at noon EST New York time, 9am LA time (PST) — which is right about now. Only 50 will be sold, so warm up those purchasing fingers, they’re gonna have to move quickly…

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