8 Nov
The best selling analog synth celebrates its golden anniversary

Moog Music has announced the release of a limited edition Gold MiniMoog Voyager. Handcrafted in Asheville, North Carolina, this iconic analog synth is made with the finest materials and then dipped in 24 Karat gold to celebrate its ten year anniversary. The classic wood housing has been neatly dressed in a custom, high gloss black piano lacquer chosen specifically to accentuate the Japanese Awabi pearl adornment on the sidepieces. The 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager also includes custom translucent knobs, an illuminated indigo-colored Moog Logo, a gold headphone jack, a personalized engraved gold plate, all black switches, a letter pressed certificate of authenticity and a hand-bound user’s manual. This flamboyant instrument/work of art made its unofficial debut at Moogfest 2012 about a week ago when Miike Snow threw down with it during their headlining set. Only 31 of these rare and valuable instruments will be handcrafted, and 30 will be available for sale worldwide. What’s happening to the 31st you might ask? Well to thank their loyal customers who have allowed the small company to thrive while staying true to their ideals, Moog will be giving away one of the limited edition Minimoog Voyagers to a very lucky winner (details for entry will be released November 16th). All registered Voyager owners will also be receiving a small gift of gratitude for their support. Only 5 units are available for sale in the United States, and the remaining 25 will be spread out across countries around the world. This probably impossible-to-get-your-hands on limited edition 10th anniversary Minimoog Voyager retails at $15,000.

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