20 Nov
A Penthouse disco homage to late night chat lines

Para One pays a sort of NSFW homage to those old late night chat line commercials with his latest video, “When the Night”. Directed by Ill Studio, the clip assembles edits from many a former Penthouse playmate to create a cheeky — if not downright steamy — video accompaniment that reminds us a bit of that awesome Mustard Pimp “ZHM” video. But as engaging as the visuals are, it’s good to note how nice the French producer’s actual track is — we’ve been playing it at The Meadows all day. The Para One — aka Jean-Baptiste de Laubier — video features sex icons of yesteryear like Amy Lynn Baxter, Brandy Ledford and Janine Lindemulder among others layered over some inescapable disco house beats.

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