This is, without question, the coolest goddamn Christmas gift we’ve seen in a long time. A red, white and black holiday sweater, knitted with skulls and Slayer logo? Oh, those joyous holidays are upon us, we kid you not. The Slayer Christmas Sweater is the legendary California band’s take on that old ugly uncle sweater, with a slight Reign In Blood twist. With skulls and pentagrams in place of reindeer and snowmen, there’s nothing Grandma won’t love… if she has a mean ass Iron Maiden collection in her basement, that is. It’s like she knitted it herself while playing old VHS tapes of Headbangers Ball. Let’s just hope this softer side doesn’t trickle down into the music of Kerry King and Tom Araya, that would be a waste. The sweater, which retails at $80, is already sold out — but keep your eye out, they are supposedly restocking soon.

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