If you find yourself low on snowy day activities, and you’re considering letting your soul be possessed by a demonic hotel spirit that launches you on a murderous death spree, you’re going to need to keep your noggin warm. That’s just science. And if you’re going to have to wear some sort of headgear whilst slaying annoying relatives, you cannot do any better than this wool knit cap inspired by The Shining. The Limited Edition beanie takes the carpet pattern from Stanley Kubrick’s notorious Overlook Hotel and throws a blue pom-pom on top, you know just to keep Jack entertained. Makes you wonder if Kubrick had this while filming Eyes Wide Shut, maybe it would’ve made more sense. The Shining Wool Knit Cap will be available soon for about $43 (£27), get it while it’s hot.

Detailed look at “The Shining” Wool Knit Cap after the Jump…

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