19 Nov
Chris Thornley literally translates the words of Morrissey

Manchester, UK graphic artist Chris Thornley, also known as his once secret pseudonym Raid71, has imaginatively taken lyrics from The Smiths’ to design Penguin inspired book covers. They feature select lyrics re-imagined from Morrissey’s mind — from tracks like “How Soon Is Now” and “Louder Than Bombs” — and translates them visually, exuding a retro vibe with a vivid resemblance to the look and style of classic Penguin paperback books. Though simply a project of Thornley’s imagination, the covers will have you wondering if you’ve ever read that certain novel. They certainly leave us wishing The Smiths’ songs had been turned into controversial little novels — except for maybe “Girlfriend In a Coma”, that just might make me slice my wrists. Select poster prints of the book cover designs are available to purchase from the Hunting Bears online store.

One more look at Raid71’s re-imagined The Smiths songs after the Jump…