30 Nov
A spy briefcase with military approved resistance

Literally tested against firing sessions of caliber .22 long and .38 special bullets, TUMI crafts its Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attache. The limited edition case is constructed of 65 layers of Tegris, a polypropylene thermoplastic composite engineered by Milliken for impact resistance gears found on NASCAR racers and military personnel. But TUMI doesn’t end with simply military approved resistance; a false bottom was added for a hidden compartment with a touch of spy quality. The case, trimmed in leather with chrome hardware, is finished off with a premium suede lining. The Bond bonafide case will be made to order, but production will be limited to only 28 pieces. You might want to have a 007-sized wallet for this gem, the case will set you back around $6,000.