We saw 15 years of Ellen von Unwerth’s impressive career as a fashion photographer in Fräuleinwhich pays homage to this generation’s most alluring women — including Adriana Lima, Britney Spears, Monica Belluci, Kate Moss and many, many more. Now, von Unwerth takes up what was previously Bettina Rheims foray by photographing the second erotic narrative featuring Moscovite beauty Olga Rodionova. When her millionaire oligarch husband wanted nude photos of his smoking hot wife, he turned to Rheims who photographed Taschen’s The Book of Olga in 2008. After the book quickly sold out (kudos to millionaire oligarch husband), Rodionova returns in von Unwerth’s The Story of Olga, a compelling depiction of female sexuality that exceeds pornography. The book narrates Olga’s insatiable lust after the death of her wealthy and elderly husband — basically a very LA story of any hot trophy wife’s life. Set in a luxurious chateau, the young widow is photographed enjoying the sexual presence of all the men and women that come her way. Complete with an endless supply of O-faces, bondage, blindfolds, orgies, double-teaming and a lot of bare breasts, von Unwerth’s masterful photography skills constructs this sexually charged narrative in the most artfully provocative way possible. The clearly NSFW book retails at $700 and is limited to 1,000 copies, each of which is numbered and signed by Ellen von Unwerth herself. The Story of Olga is also available in two Art Editions with print in portfolio which retail at $1,800 and are limited to 125 copies each. Both Art Editions and the original hard copy edition will be available online in the very near future.

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