18 Dec
Leather skin, carbide component cylinder & GPS tracking

Slick and attractive with a cylinder shaped black case is the Guardian, a new addition to Döttling’s travel-sized safes. Döttling is known for their German quality and design, and is a leading safe manufacture. The Guardain is customized with a leather skin covering that sits atop a multi-walled carbide component cylinder with a layer of aramid carbon-fiber red fabric. The three-digit dial safe holds six watches, jewelry and can fit those nasty little top-secret documents you wouldn’t want your neighborhood to find out about. However, the first thing that comes to mind with a travel safe is the worry, “What if someone takes off with it?” But, Döttling is no newbie when it comes to safes; the Guardian comes with a full GPS tracking system so that if someone walks off with your precious gems (or Monsanto stock) it’s easy to locate.

Another look at the Döttling Guardian Travel safe after the Jump…