13 Dec
Limited edition Gundam MS-06J ZAKUII figure gets his skulls

It is a thing of rare beauty when the giant robot playing nerd of my youth is able to sit down and break bread with the Japan-thread obsessed nerd of of my current life, but such is the case today. Perhaps the most famous giant robot collection of all, Gundam, has released a collaborative robot with mastermind JAPAN via their apparel division Strict-G. Sure there’s other components of the capsule collection — including a couple hoodies, tshirt and tote bag — but it is the limited edition Gundam MS-06J ZAKUII collectible figure that has my nerd wiring flaring like fireworks. As can be expected, the mastermind JAPAN x Strict-G Gundam comes painted in an all black colorway, with the premium Japanese streetwear brand’s signature skull motif.

A look at the mastermind JAPAN x Strict-G hoodie below…

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