18 Dec
The perfect item for a passive aggressive holiday season

After all is said and done on Christmas night, ever wonder if a beleaguered and surly Santa throws down his sack, takes a big swig of mead, and hollers at Rudolf with a, “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal”? Even if he doesn’t, this Ugly Christmas Sweater will have you quoting Home Alone through the holidays. Plus, it could send a pretty direct message to that clown Chad who’s dating your sister. Since when has it been cool to give ornaments for Christmas, asshole? What, you gotta wait a whole year to use them? Thanks for nothing, you cheap dipshit. With snowflakes on top and bottom, and a reindeer on either sleeve it’s the perfect amount of holiday ugly, and may best explain your feelings to those you care about most. Well, second perhaps to that awesome Slayer Holiday Sweater, but let’s not be picky. Get the perfect item for a passive aggressive holiday for $50.

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