3 Dec
Belgian graffiti/street artist & zoologist premiers down under


Belgian street artist ROA is famous for his massive and haunting murals featuring native fauna that can be seen around the world. We love his highly detailed yet very personalized style evident in his Dominant Species exhibit in San Francisco this past September, as well as his Boneyards Project in the Arizona Desert which we featured back in October. In his latest solo exhibition, ROA documents the tenuous cohabitation of animal and man within the new environment left in the the wake of discovery. In Carrion the leading street artist of the decade adheres to his iconic bush-stroke representations of native animal anatomy but intertwines these paintings with real-life… or I guess dead installations of decaying animals. With a passion for understanding and studying the animals he encounters, ROA’s explorer/zoologist predisposition is evident in Carrion‘s portrayal of the the friction between man, animal, civilization and nature. The solo exhibition opened on November 30th in Melbourne’s Backwoods Gallery and will continue on through December 16th. If you find yourself “down under” in the next couple weeks, definitely check out ROA’s animals first.

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