There was a time when I moved to Venice Beach in the 90s that life was super simple, like a Wu Tang track. I was dead broke, but rent was about $350 a month at the time which means you could probably scare it up in a couple days if you really put your hustle cap on. I won’t say exactly how I earned my money, but let’s just say you had to be inventive (and careful). In those halcyon days of cheap Boardwalk weed, 40s of Mickeys in brown paper bags and endless hours wasted invested at the Pavilion watching dudes like Daewon Song land trick after trick while I meandered helplessly trying to kickflip, time was a construct wrapped around only a few basic commandments. HUF and Skate Mental understand this ethos, clearly. They’ve gone and stripped down all the unnecessary shit in life and laid bare the Basic Tenets Of Existence into one simple clock for 2013. Skate, Fuck, Drink, Eat, Sleep. Keep it stupid, simple. You can pick up your daily reminder of what really matters over at HUF for only $36, that is if it weren’t already sold out.

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