For the almost any kid with a spine, having a tree house was the ultimate childhood fantasy. This birth of intrigue for these air-suspended dwellings dates back to ancient civilization, as the tree house’s lore can be chronicled throughout history in every part of the world where trees grew. Whether to keep shelter, or to see the world from a bird’s eye view, the possible offerings of a tree house are as endless as the imagination itself. From the publisher that produced the beautifully crafted memoir of the great Leonardo Da Vinci, this stunningly illustrated book documents the world’s most pioneering tree houses. Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air features 50 outstanding tree houses from all over the world. Ranging from modern to romantic styles, some are designed by highly acclaimed architects while others are the works of unknown craftsmen (aka the world’s coolest uncles). Each featured tree house is accompanied with several photos as well as one illustration from Los Angeles artist Patrick Hruby (he also did the book’s cover artwork featured above).  Whether it’s a teahouse, a restaurant, a hotel, a children’s playhouse or a private haven for contemplating life, the tree house is the ultimate emblem of human symbiosis with nature. Whether entirely basic in construction or innovative in execution, any tree house’s resourceful use of space cannot be underestimated in importance. This hardcover account of higher perspectives is now available online for $70.

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