Hello friends, it is that magical time of year again when we share tickets to some of our favorite LA events. In this case, it is the Wolf + Lamb party going on this Saturday at a undisclosed location downtown. Do you want tickets? You should, because if you have any inkling of shedding some sweat and getting down and dirty in a dark warehouse this weekend then that’s the place to be. It’s a goddamn 4-hour extended set of Wolf + Lamb, with Crew Love member Nick Monaco in support. We only wish Soul Clap was playing, then we’d be properly tickled pink (read our Coordinates: Boston feature), but alas it will still be a banger. Email us with why you wanna go to this show, make it entertaining, and we’ll give the best 3 answers a +1 to Saturday night’s extravaganza. Don’t doubt us, we always hook up our people. Oh, and if you want to get in the mood, play the mix below and get your panties all moist and stuff…

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