Nobody has fully unlocked the secrets of the French liquor absinthe. Sure some say its the wormwood, but I personally blame that crazy green fairy that always pops up and starts stirring shit. Hazy memories, head-pounding mornings and cringe-worthy when-did-we-do that photographs are nearly always the result, but it’s not quite clear whether it’s the liquor itself causing havoc or simply its creative reputation that have lead to such murky nights of soft focus madness. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring, and the Absinthe Explorer Kit provides the opportunity to do just that. There are 23 individual absinthes currently available to mix and match as you please, or choose from eight ready-made combinations of varied booze. The boxed kit comes complete with either three or six 50ml test tube tasters, sugar cubes and an Absinthe spoon to begin creating you very own ghostly memories. Kits range from $31 to $81.

via Gear Patrol

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