4 Jan
Cable-free Bluetooth luxury keyboard projector

Remember when you were a kid and thought that writing on your walls was the best idea ever? If only your mom had agreed. In the world of grown ups, igadgets and portable electronics, writing on the wall has become a whole other ball game — one Alfred Dunhill got right. Their Portable Laser Keyboard projects a full-sized and easy-to-read keyboard and trackpad mouse on any surface with the push of a button. Feel free to project this across your cubicle wall and receive only gazes of jealous bewilderment as you Google your latest obsession (It’s a Laissez-Faire Life and Black Tights aren’t a bad place to start). No cable required, the Portable Laser Keyboard is Bluetooth friendly and is charged via USB port — plus since it’s Dunhill, it comes in a handsome scratch and water-resistant Chassis leather case with carbon fiber pattern. Classy. Pick it up for $425.

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