LIAS partner-in-crime (literally) and photographer/director extraordinaire Robert Kerian has just dropped this new video for Camoflaug3, “Fake DJ”. With vocals supplied by Robert English lambasting the terminal mass of pretend laptop DJs flooding the hipster scene, we gotta say we’re really feeling this track. It seems to put into words the inchoate hatred I feel for dudes who call themselves DJs but couldn’t mix a bowl of cookie dough. Look, it’s cool if you want to play tracks at a bar to get free drinks and try to get laid via hopelessly drunk chicks, no one’s gonna fault you for that. Go for it, Samantha Ronson. But please don’t call yourself a DJ. Save that term for the true turntablists — the A-Traks, Q-Berts, Crazes and Z-Trips of the scene. Or for the old school cats who still craft a live set in front of the crowd, curating tracks to the ebb and flow dynamics of the crowd. There’s too many to list, but let’s just say if you cart around a 50-lb crate of vinyl, you probably fit into this group. If you use an iPod and have ever spun “Call Me Maybe” (I know, you were being ironic), then chances are you just may be a “Fake DJ”. As they say: “Something’s happening with all this hype, all these goddamn laptops. Every motherfucker’s calling themselves a DJ. Everywhere I look I see a bunch of fake ass DJs. Get the fuck out! It’s just got to stop.” Props to our boy Kerian who directed a cool ass video — we dig the faceless Droog clones. Makes a weird sort of sense. If you like the track and want to make a statement on your next set, pick up “Fake DJ” at Beatport or iTunes.

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