Bell Helmets have created a new line of head protection that offers the look of a half helmet but boasts the safety — and comfort — of the 3/4 variety. Aping the vintage military aesthetic that has risen with the popularity of cafe racers, the Rogue Collection comes in a variety of matte military colors like olive, brown and black, with an additional glossy black option. The Bell Rogue Helmets are crafted from a lightweight composite shell matched with an ultra-comfortable interior, while also featuring the added benefit of a removable muzzle to protect from the elements… and make you look like an extra from The Road Warrior at the same time. Pick up the advanced piece of bank robber getaway gear motorcycle protection for $250.

More looks at the Bell Rogue Helmet Collection after the Jump…

2 Responses to “Bell “Rogue” Helmet Collection: The Best Bank Robber Getaway Gear Money Can Buy”

  1. Darth Vader says:

    What you talkin bout Willis. They ripped off my helmet.

  2. Master Shredder says:

    Really Darth? I don’t recall you wearing MY face mask?

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