22 Jan
Classic Bulleit blessed with the Wisdom of Age

The favored smokey tastes of the well received Bulleit Bourbon have been upgraded — as well as its pricepoint — with Bulleit 10 Year. While this newly presented aged bourbon expression continues the Bulleit tradition with notes of caramel, vanilla and spice, it also adds a much regarded complexity that can only come with age. Just like its predecessor, the Bulleit 10 Year Bourbon is crafted both at Kentucky’s Four Roses Distillery as well as Indiana’s MGP Ingredients, where the necessary rye is distilled. However, you won’t find this sort of refinement without a little price upgrade — you’re looking at spending about $45-50 for a bottle of the fine whiskey. But you’ll have to be patient young padawan, as it won’t see daylight for a couple months…

via Gear Patrol

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  1. […] water and fast to freeze. Crack it open to remove your deathly appealing ice and pour it over some Bulleit 10-Year Bourbon, or Chivas 18 if you’re even more classy of a bloke. We have to imagine that Batman’s old […]

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