With desks dusted from dumpsters in Venice Beach, five lonely dollars, and a simple idea to help bring peace to the Congo, Falling Whistles began battling perhaps the world’s biggest war. In the Congo, child soldiers are sent to the front lines with only a whistle as a weapon. After meeting with 5 boys who shared their stories, the non-profit began designing whistles that would implement one simple idea: to make their weapon your voice and be a whistleblower for peace in Congo.

The 5 Boys Whistles line is the company’s newest launch, representing the five kids they met in the Congo. Falling Whistles’ team designed the whistles with the greatest of quality and detail, even producing them at the world’s oldest whistle manufacturer outside of London.

In their four years together, Falling Whistles has invested in eight Congolese visionaries that are reconstructing their communities; their growing coalition includes 55,000 whistleblowers, 35 Congressman, 16 Senators and 200 retailers.

Join us with Falling Whistles and the rest of the civilized world as the voice of a growing coalition for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Become a whistleblower. Read the story and purchase the whistles retailing for $59 online at the Falling Whistles site. Become a part of a solution in the war for peace. Plus, no joke, they’re pretty fucking rad whistles.

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  1. Sam Sung says:

    Damn, this article is awesome. I’ve been searching the articles on your site, I really enjoy posts by this author. Sometimes it’s funny or witty. Look forward to the next round. Comparing the mixtape to the novel/ movie: awesome. Then this piece about whistles. I’m in. fucking rad.

  2. Alleck Doxer says:

    Interesting article about the Congo. I only knew a little bit about this before. It’s interesting how a business starts out with only an idea, you know? This article was so clear about why this company does this and how they started. Really enjoyed reading. Will be back.

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