14 Jan
The Star Wars bounty hunter gets the KAWS treatment

OriginalFake and Medicom Toy have collaborated to add yet another supremely evil space villain to their expanding KAWS Companion Star Wars crew. This time they’ve placed Boba Fett on their new year’s frontlines, joining the likes of previously released “Darth Vader” and “Storm Trooper” Companions. First seen on The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett was famously hired to capture Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon, and KAWS’ Boba Fett does justice to the famed Mandalarian bounty hunter with well designed glorious battle wear and tear. Made by Medicom Toy, the figure sports KAWS’ Signature “XX” eyes over Boba Fett’s visor and is set to be released by OriginalFake as a Toyko, Japan exclusive on January 26th. Good Luck scoring your hands on this one, as it will be a highly limited release.

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